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There’re 4 steps starting from making your deposit to getting your final delivery.

  1. To start the project, you need to get in touch with me, provide your matterials and make a $300 deposit. Matterials include your logo (compulsory), your idea/concept for the logo animation (optional) and anything else that you want me to take a look at. Payment details will be provided via direct emails.
  2. Within the stated turnaround time, I will deliver the first draft in 960×540 resolution. After receiving it, you can leave your feedback and we will start working on revisions.
  3. You complete the payment by paying the rest. You need to complete this step before I deliver the revised version.
  4. After revising and completing the animation, I will deliver the final files, which normally consists a low quality MP4 file and a high quality MOV file.

Upon final approval, I typically deliver one high quality MOV file and one low quality MP4 file. We can arrange for different files/formats if necessary.

Tricky question. Ugly logo means ok logo animation at best. Good logo means awesome logo animation at worst. In the end it’s about what your choice is, to invest in improving your logo design or in getting your current logo animated.

Great question. Logo animation is art, which is to each individual’s taste, thus there’s chance that my definition of a “good logo animation” might be different from yours. Fortunately, I have an extensive portfolio that features the best projects I’ve done and you can take a look at each logo animation to decide if it’s worth to use my service.

I do my best to make each logo animation unique and awesome, however if for some reason my work isn’t up to your expectation, the “kill fee” for the project would be 50% of the total cost. It means we could both walk away from the project at only half the price. I believe it’s fair to get paid for the work I did while, at the same time, allowing a way out if the outcome isn’t going in the direction you expected.

Definitely yes. Apart from the special licensing restrictions involved in the use of royalty free music, you’re free to use your logo animation for whatever purpose you want. You can choose to not feature your project in my portfolio for reasons as well, just drop me a line.

If you’re asking about you making the changes yourself then Adobe After Effects project files are required, otherwise it’s pretty difficult to make any changes on the MOV/MP4 video file. I don’t typically deliver these project files with the logo animation so please drop me a line before starting the project if you’re interested in getting them.

I do my best to archive all of my projects unless it’s restricted by copyright or by client request. It means I’m able to offer small changes/tweaks to your logo animation after project completion, however a major change will probably cost extra fee.

I accept Paypal and Payoneer at this moment.

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